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Get OSCP course + exam voucher

Yes, sign me up for SWISSCHEESE's giveaway of the OSCP course + exam voucher!


GET your HACKER on! WIN a coveted OSCP course + exam voucher, and attend the World Hacker Games event on Aug 24th. BONUS: win a coveted HACKERmask as well!

Rules to enter the OSCP Giveaway ($1599 value):

1. Enter to win here in the form over there <-

2. Join the HACKERverse ->

3. Like and Re-Post the event ->

4. Subscribe to our Youtube ->

5. BONUS: WIN a highly coveted and personalized HACKERmask -> Invite 5 people to the event, listed in #3 above. (*Must be verifiable that they attended).

One winner will be chosen. The drawing will be held Friday 25th, 2023. The winner will be announced in the HACKERverse OSCP channel, so you must join that community to hear the news if you’ve won.

Good luck!